Alloy Wheel Refurbishment warranty conditions.

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Conditions of our 12 month guarantee.

Our guarantee covers all defects which occur as a result of poor workmanship or fault on our part. It does not cover damage as a result of misuse or accidental damage. Examples of faults that may be caused by poor workmanship and are covered by our guarantee include: Examples of faults that are not covered by the guarantee include: In the event that you wish to return a refurbished wheel to us, our guarantee entitles you to have the wheel refurbished at no cost to yourself. Extra costs such as tyre fitting and car storage are provided at no cost at the discretion of Danum Powder Coating Ltd., and are not covered by our guarantee.

All guarantee work must first be assessed by staff at Danum Powder Coating Ltd. and agreed by ourselves to be a fault as a result of poor workmanship. If it is not agreed that the fault is as a result of the work of Danum Powder Coating Ltd, we may at our discretion offer a discounted service to repair your wheel.