Why use Danum Powder Coating for your alloy wheel refurbishment and powder coating?

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Why use Danum Powder Coating?

Getting your alloy wheels refurbished or bike frame powder coated is a job you only want to have to do once, so it's important you choose the right company to do business with. Here at Danum Powder Coating we're committed to providing a high quality service at a fair, agreed upon price. We back up all of our work with a 12 month guarantee and we aim to have 100% customer satisfaction.

Our business has grown purely through word of mouth, so if you know anyone who has used us in the past - ask them (in fact 80% of our new customers come from a friend's recommendation)! If you don't know anyone who's used our services, have a look at our testimonials page, which contains some of our previous customers opinions.

If quality workmanship is what you're looking for, our 12 month guarantee shows we're committed to providing a quality job.

Our alloy wheel refurbishment process involves stripping the wheel back to bare metal before coating the entire wheel in up to three layers of powder coat - we don't just paint the face of the wheel

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